The “Associazione Culturale Arcipelago”

International Opera Competition Jole De Maria, 8th edition


2022 May 19st-21rd

Scuderie Estensi - Piazza Garibaldi

in support of Cancer Research

registration deadline 2022 May 14th




ART. 1

The competition will take place in Tivoli (Rome), from 19st to 21rd May and will be divided into three phases:

- May 19st, Elimination (closed doors);

- May 20nd, Semi-Final ( closed doors);

- May 21rd, Final e gala concert(open doors ).

The tests will take place during the day, at the Estensi Stables - Piazza Garibaldi - Tivoli. The gala concert,  during which the names of the chosen ones will be communicated, will take place in the evening on May 21rd .

ART. 2

There are various sections:

- Section A: singers from among the Finalists will be chosen for roles of various relevance for the next productions of the Politeama Greco Theater in Lecce and for the coming productions that the Amintore Galli Association will organize at the Amintore Galli Theater in Rimini

- Section B: singers from among the Finalists will be chosen for roles of various relevance for Don Giovanni by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Madama Butterfly by Giacomo Puccini for the lyrical enterprise Francesco Tamagno in Turin. 

The Management of the Italian Opera Florence Association also reserves the right to insert the elements it deems most suitable in the casting of some operatic titles that will be performed in various theaters in Tuscany and outside Tuscany next season, under the direction of David Boldrini and the direction of Alberto Paloscia.

- Section C: Auditions for singers and singing students interested in being heard by the members of the Commission; those who wish, can also have an opinion on their preparation, speaking directly with the members of the Commission itself, immediately at the end of their test. 


There will be special prizes:

The most deserving Finalists will be awarded an audition at the Teatro Regio di Parma as a special prize.Ai Finalisti più meritevoli potrà essere assegnato come premio speciale una audizione presso il Teatro Regio di Parma.

The Italian Opera Florence Association directed by David Boldrini will engage the most deserving singers with a concert in its Florentine headquarters, the Church of Santa Monica.

A Finalist will be chosen for a concert at the "Circolo Artistico Politecnico" Onlus Foundation in Piazza Trento e Trieste in Naples.



Furthermore, the best entries of the Competition will be chosen:
- 1st prize of Euro 500.00 (five hundred)
- 2nd prize of Euro 300.00 (three hundred)
- 3rd prize of Euro 200.00 (two hundred)


With unquestionable decision of the Jury, the prizes may be not assigned or assigned in part.

CASTS FORMATION will not take place at the end of the Competition, but will be completed and made known individually later, by telephone or email by the Secretariat, which will also communicate the proposed role, the date of the play and any replies and the required rehearsal period. The winners' diplomas will be delivered during the gala concert.

Certificate of Merit will be awarded to the winner of the public prize for having been chosen for the exhibition at the "Circolo Artistico Politecnico" Onlus Foundation in Piazza Trento e Trieste in Naples.

Certificate of Merit at the best Conservatory for bringing the largest number of competitors in the final (minimum three).

Certificate of Merit for the best singing teacher for bringing the largest number of competitors in the final (minimum two).

ART. 3
The competition is open to singers of
all vocal registers and of all nationalities. Participants must demonstrate that they have reached the age of majority of 18 at the date the Competition will take place. There is no age limit.

ART. 4

Participation in the competition is subject to:

A) pay a registration feeequal to:

- Section A: euro 60.00 (euro sixty)

- Section B: euro 60.00 (euro sixty)

- Section C: euro 40.00 (euro forty)

- Sections A and B: euro 100.00 (euro one hundred).

Registration fees, which are not refundable (except the non-celebration of the competition due to force majeure not depending by the will of the organization), must be paid by bank transfer to the following coordinates:


Arcipelago Associazione Culturale”specifying the following: name, social security number and “registration to the International Opera Contest Jole De Maria VIII ed.and Section (s) chosen”.

In case of serious difficulties in making the payment, upon agreement with the organization, the participation fee can be accepted directly before the singing test.

B) the provision of the following documents:

  1. the filled application form(use microsoft word) in all the required fields, including a detailed description (title aria, opera and composer) of the arias presented with autograph signature and date. The lack of a regular subscription formula for authorization to the processing of data will prevent the person concerned to be admitted to the tests. Informations on the proposed program must be detailed and precise. Otherwise, the registration will not be considered valid.After the expiration of the term of registration, no adjustments to the program presented will be accepted;

  2. documentation of money transfer for registration;

  3. a recent photo;

  4. a short curriculum of musical studies, prizes awarded and professional activities (in Italian or English);

  5. a copy of an official document (passport mandatory for non-Eu citizens)

The material submitted by the participants will not be returned under any circumstances.
The sending of the application form will confirm the full knowledge and unconditional acceptance of all the rules of this announcement and of the Jury’s decisions.

ART. 5

Submission of the registration as per Art. 4 can take place:

For the admission to the Competition membership shall be made no later than May 14th, 2022.

Will not be taken into account the applications submitted by mail that will arrive after May 18st, 2022 excluding those accepted at the discretion of the Artistic Director, after documentation indicating a serious impediment.

ART. 6

The candidates are required to be on May 19st at 10:00 am, at the Scuderie Estensi – Piazza Garibaldi, for the appeal and for the call order. It will not be sent any notice of the call. Competitors who are absent will be excluded from the competition; the Artistic Director will reserve the right to admit any latecomer; but only before the draw of the execution order.
Competitors may attend the drawing and the preliminary will start immediately after.
The candidates will have to show up themselves, in all tests, following the order established by the drawing, which cannot be changed, otherwise will be excluded from competition

ART. 7

- Section A and C: 5 arias of Italian or foreign lyric works indicated in the registration form, performed in the original language and key, by heart, complete - where applicable - with recitative and cabaletta.

- Section B: 5 arias of Italian or foreign lyric works indicated in the Registration Form, performed in the original language and key, by heart, complete - where applicable - with recitative and cabaletta, at least one them drawn from Don Giovanni di Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart o MadamaButterfly di Giacomo Puccini.
During the Qualifying Round, the candidate will perform:

  • an aria of choice from those indicated in the application form

  • an aria requested by the Jury from those indicated in the application form.

Contestants will perform an aria of their choice, but during the elimination phase, the Jury can have the right to interrupt the performance of the competitor, after the execution of the first track.

During Semifinal and Final candidates will perform:

  • two arias chosen by the Jury amongst those indicated in the application form, that will be executed in full.

All competitors must bring with them all test scores for voice and piano of the pieces chosen for the program.
The art direction will require participants to send the scores of operas - Italian or foreign - about the tracks they propose.
The finalists will perform in concert formal dress.

ART. 8

The Association will provide the piano accompaniment of the participants.
In the first two phases, Preliminary and Semifinal, each contestant may be accompanied, at its expense, by a pianist of his trust, this must be stated on the registration form. In the final competitors will be accompanied only by the pianist of the Competition.

ART. 9

Travel, food and accommodation will be afforded entirely by the competitor.

ART. 10

Those who, by sending the necessary certification, attesting having won the 1st prize of an International Opera Competition in the last three years, go straight through to the semi-final. Also the winners of our previous editions may participate in the competition.


ART. 11

The Selection Committee will consist of prestigious personalities of the music world, among which will be appointed a Secretary. The Jury may decide to make use of the Musical Director or a Head of organizational to perform the functions of Secretary or substitute in case of serious impediments of one of the Jurors. Voting will take place by secret ballot. The decision of the Jury will be final and will be made known to the candidates at the conclusion of each of the three stages of the competition. The list of candidates admitted to the next test will be made public immediately after the fulfillment of bureaucratic obligations, May 19st and 20nd, by posting it at the entrance of the place of the trials, and will be also published on the website and on Facebook. In no case it will be notified by phone.

ART. 12

Can not participate in the Competition people who have a family relationship with one or more judges or organizers. In the event that a competitor is a student with a member of the jury, the member has the obligation to inform and to abstain from voting for that competitor. This abstention will be mentioned in the minutes.
The abstained Commissioner will be replaced by the Artistic Director or his delegate, previously identified.
In the event of a false declaration, the competitor will be disqualified, even if the deception emerged within a year of the conclusion of the Competition.

ART. 13

The Commission's judgments will be expressed in YES / NO in the Elimination and Semifinal and in 10th in the Final.
In case of a tie, the number of performances will be equally divided.
All finalists will receive a Certificate of Merit.


ART. 14
The President, the Commissioners of the Competition, the Artistic Director and the Head of organizational reserve the right to contact for future artistic collaborations competitors they deem appropriate for this purpose.

ART. 15
The organization reserves the right to film and record, without time limit, the Final without any compensation to the participants that, by signing the application form, hereby expressly agree to transfer free of charge to the organizers of the competition any right to use and economic exploitation of such recordings.

ART. 16
Associatione Culturale Arcipelago reserves the right to make changes to this announcement that may be necessary for technical or organizational reasons, and to interpret it in via authentic, final and unappealable. For everything not included in these regulations, will decide the organs of the organization.

ART. 17

The Tivoli Forum is competent In the event of a legal dispute, and the text of these Rules shall be valid in Italian.

ART. 18
The Archipelago Cultural Association is signatory of an insurance policy with the Compagnia Assicurazioni Generali for civil liability during all phases of the Contest. No responsibility or liability for any additional risks or damages of any kind that may arise during the Competition.


Art Director: Irene Bottaro, mezzosoprano