"... Has given us…… not only new essay of the beautiful and colorful voice of mezzo-soprano and her capacity as a singer but gave the character, in a few strokes, truth of character"

used to say of her the great music critic Alfredo Parente to “Il Mattino di Napoli”  14.2.1959, after performing "Conchita" at the Teatro San Carlo.
She was  among the winners of Spoleto contest and has sung a wide repertoire, from Cimarosa to Mascagni in various theaters, including the Opera House in Rome, Teatro Massimo of Palermo, Teatro Massimo Bellini Theatre and the San Carlo in Naples, where she was confirmed for all seasons in a row until she moved abroad.

In her tournèes was at the Italian Opera Festival in Dublin, at the Teatro San Carlos in Lisbon, at the Cairo Opera House, in Lugano, Belfast, Alexandria, etc..

She has performed concerts and operas to RAI-Italian Radio and Television (recently in cd) and at Radios and Televisions in Europe and overseas.
She was awarded various prizes (OPEC): the gold plates Beniamino Gigli, Maria Callas, Tito Schipa, Giacomo Lauri Volpi, Mario Del Monaco, Gianna Pederzini.

In the opera’s theatres was directed by the most illustrious masters of the twentieth century: Vincenzo Bellezza, Tullio Serafin, Ottavio Ziino, Oliviero De Fabritiis, Alberto Erede, Francesco Molinari Pradelli, Armando La Rosa Parodi, Ferruccio Scaglia, Umberto Cattini, Franco and Giuseppe Patane ...

Distinguished music critics, such as Alfredo Parente, Franco Abbiati, Rubino Profeta spoke of her with flattering words in the most prestigious newspapers.

A woman of great heart, she cut short her career in opera houses Italians and foreigners, when serious family problems led it to move to Argentina where she remained for seven years.
During the period spent in Argentina she sung in television and radio programs, and continued to study with the perseverance and the tenacity she used to have and  slowly developing the technique which allowed her to roam then the voice of mezzo-soprano to that of soprano-leggero, as documented by her later recordings, while keeping intact the warmth and velvet timbre.

In 1967, while in Italy for a short visit to her parents, she attended a concert at the Art Club of Naples for the 70 years of  its foundation, organized by Ettore De Mura.
On her return to Italy it was not possible to return to her world.
She has performed numerous concerts, accompanied at the piano by Maestro Rolando Nicolosi, and organized by her second husband-manager Silvano Nicolai, also in love with her voice.

In 2001, for health reasons of her husband Silvano, and the peacefull atmosfere you can breath in that area, she moved to Galati Mamertino in the province of Messina. In the serenity of the Nebrodi, she continued to hone her vocal technique and has recorded the CD "Jole De Maria, un'ugola sette voci", "Musica Sacra", "Jole De Maria, un'ugola sette voci 2," " Jole De Maria, un'ugola sette voci 3 ", returning to Rome just to record them.

In 2004, shortly after the death of Silvano, began her illness. Convinced by her sister Elena to leave Sicily, she went to live at Tor Lupara di Fonte Nuova (Rome).

In 2005 she recorded "Successi Internazionali" and in 2006 "Romantico".

With the recording of her CDs, she strongly wanted and worked on until the last days of her life, Jole has left a trace of her wonderful singing.

She died May 23, 2007.

In 2007 was published - in cd - the opera Monte Ivnor, recorded for RAI in 1957, and from our association and the City of Fonte Nuova was organized - on behalf of AIRC (Italian Association for Research on Cancer) - the exhibition "Homage to Jole De Maria, un'ugola sette voci”.